Welcome to The Laurens Baptist Association

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Thank you for visiting our Laurens Baptist Association website.  The Laurens Baptist Association (LBA) is a network of 48 Southern Baptist Churches and 1 mission church in Laurens County, SC who are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to make this website practical so that believers can be further equipped to impact a world that does not have a relationship with the one true God through His Son Jesus Christ.
If you have questions about this site or if we can help you in your quest to fulfill the Great Commission, please do not hesitate to call us at (864) 984-0123.  You can also contact the Associational Missionary via email at reiny@laurensbaptistassoc.org



 An Appeal to Heaven

Appeal to Heaven explanation

We are asking you to join us as we unite our hearts together in making our Appeal to Heaven for Laurens County and for America.  Below are five things that we would ask you to pray with us about.  Each one is Biblical based and in some ways builds upon the next.  God used George Washington’s “Appeal to Heaven” to birth this nation, and we are making our Appeal to Heaven for the spiritual rebirth of our Nation.  Will you join us?